Khasiat Adas Pedas

Nama Vernakular : Adas Pedas, Anise, Fennel

Nama Botani : Foeniculum Vulgare Miller

Famili : Umbellferae (Ammiaceae)

Anise or fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Miller, fennel-adasan tribe or Apiaceae) has long been recognized as a component of traditional medicine. Diakndung fennel seed oil is one of the oil component of Telon.


Fennel comes from the eastern Mediterranean region (Italy to the east by Syria).
Herbaceous vegetation in the form of fragrant, bright green, upright, and can reach two meters in height. The leaves grow to 40 centimeters long, ribbon-shaped, with the last segment in the form of hair, approximately 0.5 mm wide. Interest earned on the end of the shaft is compound interest with a diameter of 5 to 15cm. Each of the umbel has 20-50 yellow flowers are very small in the short pedicle-pedicle. The fruit is a dry seed from 4 to 9 millimeters long, with a width of half its length, and has a groove. The dried seeds are known as fennel seeds.

Fennel leaves into a food source Lepidoptera larvae of some species, like moths Amphipyra zelicaon tragopoginis and Papilio.


Benefits :

Treat a cough and oral trush, natural flavor enhacer, holding hearthburn, lowering uricacid levels, relieving join pain.

Theplant is used :

The fruit is ripe.

Treatment Method :

3-9 gr pices dried fannel braised with 3 water glass until remaining 1 glass or cup offinely brewed with hot water and drunk warm, warm 1-2 times a day.

Sumber :

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