Khasiat Tongkat Ali Hitam

Nama Varnikular Tongkat Ali Hitam
Nama Saintifik Polyalthia Bullata
Nama Lain Black Tongkat, Tongkat Ali Baginda, Sepelih Angin, Serat
Famili Annoneceae

Tongkat Ali Hitam, with its scientific name Polyalthia Bullata, from the Annoneceae family or also known as Black Tongkat, Tongkat Ali Baginda, Sepelih Angin, Serat usually can be found and traded in the region Southeast Asia.

The plant is a small tree that can reach the size up to 2-3 meters. Young branches covered with golden hair. Green leaves and long, flat shape. Its leaves can reach lengths up to 30-35 cm and width up to 10-12 cm. The surface of the leaves looks shiny. It has 25-40 pairs of leaves bones. At the end of the leaves it has pointed-shaped leaves. Long stems can reach 2-3 cm. The cream-colored flowers have 6 long petals.

This plant is highly acclaimed in worldwide for its nutritional value. These plants usually consume to improve the vitality of a man of passion. Tongkat Ali Hitam also used as a health tonic and to treat malaria more high content compare with the origin Ali. Improves blood circulation, enhances the libido for both male and female. It promotes fat burning and muscle formation.

Active Ingredients

• Bisdehydroaporphine alkaloids
• Bisdehydro-O-methylisopiline
• Dehydronornuciferine-7-dehydro-O-methylisopiline
• Bisdehydroaporphine alkaloid

Health Benefits

The benefits contained in the herbs can be taken from the contents of active ingredients inside. Following are the benefits of Tongkat Ali Hitam:
• Support general health and vitality and strengthen the body
• Support sexual drive for men
• Increase mental, physical sensitivity and performances
• Enhance energy levels, endurance and stamina
• Reduce mental fatigue and exhaustion
• Helps erectile dysfunction and increase sperm counts
• Increase healthy blood circulation
• Improve and keep testosterone hormone at a healthy level
• Tones skin and muscle
• Improve immune system
• Help recovery and convalescence from illness and operations
• Aids in impotence, pre-ejaculation, uncontrollable urination, difficulty in getting pregnant, weak back and legs, paralysis, etc.

Processing Step

1. The Tongkat Ali Hitam roots are collected from the rainforests.
2. All collected roots are washed and dried until all roots are in dry condition.
3. The roots are washed and dried again to 5% moisture or less.
4. The dried roots are then chipped using specialized equipment packaged into root chip, teabag, and powder extract and ready for consumption.

Product Characteristics

Part of Plants used : Roots
Appearance : Dried roots
Color : Black (outside), Creamy white (inside)
Odor : Characteristic
Taste : Bitter/Brackish
Packaging : Box

Cooking Method & Dosage

A. Original Taste:
It tastes little acetate which means sourness.
B. Possible Mixture with Other Herbs and Ingredients:
Tongkat Ali Hitam can be mixed with other herbs such as Ginseng and Habbatus Sauda (Black Seeds) and made it as a coffee. In addition, Tongkat Ali Hitam is also boiled together with another plant such as Ubi Jaga (Smilax Myosotiflora) is believed to produced a similar effect as Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) which emphasizes on aphrodisiac properties.
C. Cooking Method & Dosage:
1) After chipping, wash the root chips with water to remove residues.
2) Soak 2gms of chipped root in 1 liter of water for 1 hour.
3) Boil and cook for 30 minutes – 1 hour.
4) Remove the chipped root and drink the juice like tea consumption.

The juice (Tea) may be blended with honey or rock sugar to balance off the bitter taste of Tongkat Ali Hitam. You may reboil the root chip and juice for another consumption until the bitter taste has subsided.

Note: The standard dosage is usually 2 grams each intake.

The dose for capsules is by consuming 2 capsules in the morning and night after meal.

Traditional & Modern Consumption

For ancient user preferable use the whole roots as a drink. But nowadays, Tongkat Ali Hitam is available in herbal supplements in form of capsules in mixed ingredients with some other herbs.

Safety Precaution

1. Do not use if you are allergic to other herbs or currently under pharmacological treatment for erectile dysfunction.
2. These herbal plants should only be consumed by adults only.

Side Effects

The herb may cause a bad influence on the heart for patients with heart diseases.

Storage Requirement

Keep at cool and dry place protected from direct sunlight. Avoid reach of children.

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